We believe great publishing services
should be accessible to all writers.
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Book Cover Design

Striking covers carefully crafted and formatted for e-book or print.

Interior Book Design

This is just as important as the cover design. A clear and professionally typeset page ensures an enjoyable, distraction-free read.


If illustrations are required, we work with a range of professional illustrators to realise the author's vision.

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Manuscript Critique

General, overall feedback, ideal for those unsure what editorial package they need.

Content Editing

Developmental editing to maintain continuity and authenticity throughout texts (often including character and setting), and style and flow at whole-text level.

Line Editing

In-depth editing that ensures accuracy, clarity and stylistic flow at sentence level.


The final stage before publication; this offers a last-minute check of spelling, punctuation and syntax.

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Printed Promotional Extras

With millions of new books hitting the market each year, it's vital that your work stands out from the crowd. These promotional extras will help it do just that.

e-Book Formatting

Professionally formatted books for most e-readers on the market: zero headaches.

Web Design

In this digital age, it's crucial to have a web presence; a place where potential readers can discover more about your writing. Our web design service page is coming soon.